Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby's birthday was last week, and we've been planning a birthday party for him for around 2 months. We used this as a motivational opportunity to clean and decorate our house further, so we've spent every weekend for a while getting ready. House projects, decorating, cleaning, buying furniture, buying frames, hanging things, it's been hectic to get ready in time! But we got almost everything we wanted to accomplish done. Could've stood a few more pictures, and we might someday paint a room or two as well, but for now, it was a success. We hung a few of Curtis' favorite paintings, and a few of my watercolors from school. Also got a number of funny portraits from etsy, of animals in business suits. The pigmy marmoset is C's favorite, and the sloth is mine.

The highlight of the party was the ice cream. I've been making ice cream for the party for about two months. Peanut butter. Tin roof sundae. Chocolate, banana, strawberry, peach, plum. Lemon, orange, cherry, and coffee. These came out very well, and were a big hit with the guests (though perhaps I made too much, as I still have probably 4 gallons of ice cream LEFT OVER!

With all that ice cream, though, I didn't want a heavy meal (and if you plan a party at noon, I believe you are obligated to feed people), so lasagna, or enchiladas, or pizza were out. And we're fully vegetarian at the moment, so no meat! I could've made some very good empanadas with the chicken and sausage that we already have on hand, but they take forever, and with all of the above, there's been no time. So what to do? We bought some veggie empanadas from a deli around here, and those were good. Plus egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches, veggies, fruit, queso, 7-layer dip, pasta salad and rice salad.

All was well-received, though only about 25% of anything (except the fruit) was eaten. I overprepared, I suppose. I expected (and did get) 35 people plus kids, so I still think it was a reasonable amount. For future reference, though, we must remember this. We need approximately 1/3 less than I think we need. This is for daytime parties. For a dinner party, I might want to portion it out more carefully, because not enough would be more of an issue. But next time we have a buffet-style afternoon party, make less food and trust ourselves, it will be enough!