Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How funny. The last time I posted was a month before we moved out of the old apartment into the new house. And then I got pregnant. And then had the baby. And moved again. And went back to work. I'm still tired, thinking on all of that. I've been cooking, though the challenge these days is finding time. I've also been cooking baby food, though that's more technique and less recipe (e.g. steam carrots until soft, puree until a good consistency).

But I rarely manage to take photos of anything that's not the baby. In part because I know little on how to take appetizing food photos. This blog is called Good Glop, sheesh! I'm used to gloppy messy food, not so much the "presentation" and while that might fly in the kitchen, on the page it just makes me feel like a halfwit who doesn't know how to use her camera. Or stage food. So much for my backup career as a food stylist - I haven't a clue where to start. Especially since I would rather start EATING.

But perhaps I will get back to it. Maybe I can post words on what was made, and then add photos later. Or photos, but with a significant lag in posting.

Recent wins:
Apple Cake - "better than the lemon meringue pie cupcakes"
Oklahoma Cake - a pineapple cake with very simple instructions and very good outcome
Poached Quince - not pretty, but pretty tasty
Roasted Eggplant and Onions - not pretty, but does contain pomegranate molasses (mmmmm)
Bread Salad - resembled a Thanksgiving Leftovers salad more than anything else
Egg Salad - duh. Good stuff
Potato Salad with Lemon and Herbs - not that great
Potato, Tomatillo and Chicken Thigh stew - Rick Bayless fast Mexican recipe, wonderful

And I'm sure I've cooked one or two other things. But, none are really noteworthy, as they are all "On The Go" due to baby constraints.

More posts to come? We'll just see!


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